uPVC – Useful Information

UPVC is Safe & Secure

  •  UPVC complies with all the latest health and safety and security requirements including, when specified, compliance with Secured by Design, the UK Police initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications.
  •  The UPVC industry leads the way when it comes to continuous improvement of security, health and safety measures integrated into its windows and doors and advanced locking mechanisms meaning high levels of safety and security.

Versatility of UPVC

  •  UPVC is an inherently tough material yet it can be processed to accommodate virtually any design requirement allowing aesthetic integration with all building styles and locations.
  •  A virtually limitless choice of designs and the ability to tailor the UPVC installation to specified and architects needs mean UPVC also offers great versatility in all types of housing project.
  •  Advanced locking mechanisms mean high levels of safety and security, whilst a range of tilt and turn options bring the benefit of fresh air ventilation whilst acting as a robust deterrent to opportunist theft.

Economical & Energy Efficient of UPVC Windows

  •  UPVC windows and doors provide exceptional cost effectiveness.
  •  The Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities in the UK carries out regular surveys of the cost of window systems and this shows UPVC’s continuing economic benefit both in capital and maintenance costs – typically around 30% compared with softwood alternatives.
  •  In addition to minimal installed costs, their low maintenance attributes mean UPVC windows and doors avoid the need for costly cleaning chemicals, varnishes and paints.
  •  The British Fenestration Rating Council rate windows of different materials on their energy efficiency and is recognised within the industry as a key marker on energy efficiency.
  •  Continuous development has led to considerable improvements in thermal efficiency – with significant savings on home heating costs, reductions in energy loss and a commitment to sustainability.