A Modern Door Design

Warmth, strength and beauty. Made with a steel reinforcement for unmatched security, our premium composite doors are the perfect match for your home in Hull. Add warmth and style to your home with a selection from our range of premium composite door range. It will certainly be a beautiful finish to complement your home, offering the best in function and form.

All of our composite doors are manufactured using an industry leading design, allowing you to enjoy exceptional standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance and durability. With this in mind, they are sure to be a fantastic addition to any property in Hereford, allowing you to feel safer and warmer no matter what the British weather has in mind.

Composite Design

Composite doors are a highly modern door design, which brings harmony between a range of high performance materials. Bringing you the best in each, these doors utilise uPVC, timber and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) to ensure they excel in both function and form. These doors offer a wooden door aesthetic with modern standards.

Thermally Efficient

A premium composite door from 3D Windows is 27% more energy efficient than a traditional timber door or a solid timber core composite door. When it comes to thermally efficient doors a 3D Composite door is the best choice you can make. These doors enable you to keep warm and comfortable even when the cold winter winds are blowing.

High Security

Due to their inherent design, our composite doors are able to achieve an impressive degree of structural integrity. When combined with high performance locking systems, these doors are able to stand up to modern burglary techniques to keep your home protected. You’ll be able to capture complete peace of mine without compromising on style.

Unrivalled Composite Doors

Available in a wide range of beautiful styles, easily tailored to suit both new and old homes, these doors are sure to be a seamlessly complementary feature to suit your home. Whether your home is modern, traditional, new build or heritage, you’re sure to get something that accurately reflects the style of your home and your personal tastes.

The ‘A’ rated standard of thermal efficiency that accompanies these doors does more than just keep you warm and comfortable. Due to these doors increasing the overall heat retention properties of your home in Hereford, you could find yourself using your central heating less frequently across the course of the year. With this, you could see a reduction in your heating and carbon footprint as a result.

Further to this, our composite doors are also inherently low maintenance. Although the wooden look is incorporated into the appearance, you won’t have to worry about any of the headaches or chores that usually accompany doors of old. With this, your door won’t be compromised by warping, rotting, cracking or bowing.


Composite Doors